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What are this questions for? 
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is love irrational?
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My boyfriend now is my 1st serious relationship. I'm 19 & he is 21. I love him very much. However, he already has a child and we just found out his ex's other child might be his too... I'm not sure wether to stay or if it's best for me to just focus on my college studies. It's hard dating some one and having new experiences with some who already been there and done that with someone else. Any advice?
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I'm a 16 year old boy growing up in Canada. I don't really have any friends, some, but not much. Mostly people I know, not really acquaintances. It kinda sucks day to day going to school and sitting in the halls either all by myself or with one of my 2 friends I mostly hang out with at school. My aquatinted people I know are not really popular so I've basically become a "shadow" among my old friends since elementary and Jr High. They basically just forgot about me. I mean I chat at stuff to people sometimes but they just don't talk to me. I'm not really "fine" where I'm at because it pains me that I don't hang out with anyone else I know who is "cool" or have them not ask for my snapchat when they ask for my younger brothers in front of me. He has more friends than me and doesn't really talk o me in school. He mostly just hangs out with his friends who are cool. I'm kinda shy and used to be really socially akward and stuff but I'm trying to get over it but being constantly reminded that u have no friends doesn't help. I have a girlfriend with a bunch of friends and I feel I'm holding her back a little bit. She lives in another province cause we met at camp... it just fuckin sucks and people say life goes on and it will get better but I don't know why it hasn't for me... I just wanna be known and wanna have the friends and stuff that my girlfriend and my brother have but I don't know what to do... I cry every now and then because it hurts and I feel lonely cause she's not here and my brother doesn't want to hang out with me. I don't know if I'm missing the "bigger picture" and I've tried killing myself before even though my parents and family don't know it. Neither does my girlfriend. Sure you may say that it's not even that bad but stuff hasn't been great for the past few months since August and I don't know if I'll get over it and become a better person. It just blows ass. I don't know if my girlfriend actually thinks I'm a loser but she says I'm great so that's fine. She's beautiful and I'm just supprise she hasn't left me by now but she says that I'm a great guy and that I shouldn't be talking like that... I just don't know anymore about anything. I'm always feeling down and worrying about everything. Sorry for the present life story and shit but I just don't know what to do. - Garett
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What is love
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what is sex
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is there a easier quicker way to build credit.trying to get  a house
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how many mounth in a year
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alien is real yes/no
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Would you want to stay married to someone if you found out they are a heavy duty porn addict?
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How much porn is too much before it turns someone into a perv????
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Would you rather
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Women are a royal pain in the ass. Why can't you just hang out with guys? You know, just live with someone of your own sex, just do what you do with women, but with another guy. Why don't guys just do that?
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should students be able to chew gum in school?
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why do  corporates hoodwink regulators with their sins
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Should you give up on someone you love and have a lot of feelings for even if they have a boyfriend but they still flirt with you?
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Why do men cheat
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What is your preference for guys body hair?
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Why do vaginas feel good when your Weiner is in them? 
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Let's be honest, guys don't like overweight girls, right?
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I have heard single gals come to bangalore pubs to hangout with random boys and end up in one night stands. Admin please help me which pubs i should visit and any specific days
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Why are Afghanistans gay
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Hello. So I am a 13 yr old girl and I self harm.. I started when I was 12 for lots of reasons. I am going to the sea side soon in a few days and I have scars from self harm all the the way up to my knees.. Please help me get rid of them!!
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I wonder why people can say such stupid things sometimes??
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Why do we allow our government in the UK to get away with more then murder 
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Why (as a guy) do I just feel the need to hold someone and never let go?
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How is a computer made?
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Is Justin really a ghey?
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I smoked a lot of pot and now I'm super anxious and everything is too much.  Will this feeling ever go away?
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Why is homosexuality "wrong?"
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What's life sense?
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ही हाउ अरे यू 
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Do you support Net Neutrality?
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How old are David Mann's kids
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I am going to meet my future in laws and its about a love marriage and I am nervous as both of the parents does not like each other. How to tackle this situation ?
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One improvement you want in this site ?
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IAM working in iqbo is this good company or not
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Gay Marriage: Yes or No?
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What is the meaning of life? 
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would you take someone back after they walked out on you when you weren't home?
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what do i believe?
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my life is?
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апавав м ви
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who is anonomous
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I'm in college and I'm considering majoring in really being far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.  Is this a good idea?  Or should I go with Communications?
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Why is obama still in the white house posing as our president?
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Valantine's day is near, RSS Bajrang Dal etc will again show how much they care about Indian Culture, last week in AIB Knockout, we watched alot of things which are also not aligned with our Indian Culture, why RSS etc don't do anything to them instead of haunting innocent lovers ?
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Did you watch AIB Knockout ? What do you feel after watching it ?
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