I'm a 16 year old boy growing up in Canada. I don't really have any friends, some, but not much. Mostly people I know, not really acquaintances. It kinda sucks day to day going to school and sitting in the halls either all by myself or with one of my 2 friends I mostly hang out with at school. My aquatinted people I know are not really popular so I've basically become a "shadow" among my old friends since elementary and Jr High. They basically just forgot about me. I mean I chat at stuff to people sometimes but they just don't talk to me. I'm not really "fine" where I'm at because it pains me that I don't hang out with anyone else I know who is "cool" or have them not ask for my snapchat when they ask for my younger brothers in front of me. He has more friends than me and doesn't really talk o me in school. He mostly just hangs out with his friends who are cool. I'm kinda shy and used to be really socially akward and stuff but I'm trying to get over it but being constantly reminded that u have no friends doesn't help. I have a girlfriend with a bunch of friends and I feel I'm holding her back a little bit. She lives in another province cause we met at camp... it just fuckin sucks and people say life goes on and it will get better but I don't know why it hasn't for me... I just wanna be known and wanna have the friends and stuff that my girlfriend and my brother have but I don't know what to do... I cry every now and then because it hurts and I feel lonely cause she's not here and my brother doesn't want to hang out with me. I don't know if I'm missing the "bigger picture" and I've tried killing myself before even though my parents and family don't know it. Neither does my girlfriend. Sure you may say that it's not even that bad but stuff hasn't been great for the past few months since August and I don't know if I'll get over it and become a better person. It just blows ass. I don't know if my girlfriend actually thinks I'm a loser but she says I'm great so that's fine. She's beautiful and I'm just supprise she hasn't left me by now but she says that I'm a great guy and that I shouldn't be talking like that... I just don't know anymore about anything. I'm always feeling down and worrying about everything. Sorry for the present life story and shit but I just don't know what to do. - Garett

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